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Childrens Party Food Ideas: Sandwich Boats

Childrens' party Food ideas: Sandwich Boats

Ingredients: (makes 40 mini sandwiches. Serves about 15 kids):

White or brown bread (20 slices)

Your choice of sandwich filling

1 large whole cucumber

40 Cocktail sticks

20 Cherry tomatoes

20 medium slices of Salami or 10 large slices cut in half

Decide on your filling and fill the sandwiches accordingly. Simple fillings are best. Ham and cucumber, cheese and tomatoe or tuna mayonnaise are good ideas.

Once you have made the sandwiches, slice off the crusts.

Then cut each sandwiches into 4 triangles. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Next place one on the top of each sandwich triangle so the flat side is facing down.

Now make the sails for your boats. Slice the cucumber into long strips by cutting it at an angle and then skewer the ends of each slice onto a cocktail stick. Attach the cocktail stick by sticking it into the cherry tomatoe.

Do the same with the salami sails. If the slices of salami are big you can halve them or you can use slightly smaller slices. Either way works fine.

Next place on a serving platter and you’re ready to go.

You might also like to try using thin cheese slices to make the sails as well.


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One ingredient Banana Ice cream!

It really is exactly as it sounds. Banana ice cream made form one ingredient! – Yup you guessed it – Bananas.

If you’re looking for a great party food idea for your kids birthday party then this is definitely a great one. It’s healthy and tasty! And very easy to make.

You will need some of these:


One of these:

And one of these:

Simply peel and then chop up the bananas into slices. Put into a bowl and freeze.

Once frozen, put the banana pieces into the processor until it has started to look like broken up polystyrene.

Then put all of the banana into a bowl and from there scoop out individual scoops with an ice cream scoop.

Then decorate to make it more fun and colourful. Kids will love this for their parties!

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