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Froggle Crazy Egg Faces

Frogg;e's Crazy Egg faces

Here at Froggle Parties, we love kids party food ideas!!  These sandwich faces are heaps of fun and have huge amounts of character. They’re great for parties and you might even like to get the kids to help you make them.

You could make it an activity at your party where the kids make their own froggle faced sandwich.  Simply lay out a table with lots of ready prepared ingredients and get the kids to make their own faces with them. You could give a prize to some of the best face designs.

Ingredients (makes 4 egg faces):

4 slices of brown or white bread

7 medium eggs

4 tbsp mayonaise

Salt and pepper

Heat some water in a large sized saucepan and put your eggs into a saucepan once the water has started to boil. Boil the eggs for 8 minutes. The egg yolk should be solid. You can always take one egg out first and check that it’s cooked before taking the rest of them out of the saucepan. Once cooked, peel the eggs. Take 2 of the eggs and slice them up (you should get atleast 4 decent slices per egg which will be used as eyes). Set the egg slices to one side.

Put the rest of the eggs and any left over cuttings into a mixing bowl and add the mayonanaise. Mix it all up with a fork and use the fork to mash the egg up as you mix it with the mayonannise.

Simply spread on the egg mayonnaise mix and then use the toppings to make the faces.

If you want, instead of egg mayonnaise you could use peanut butter or jam, which saves a bit of time.

Topping ides: gherkins, carrot sticks, grated carrot, peas, olives, tomatoes peppers, celery sticks, salami, cucumber, chives, basil…


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Something truly different for your kids party

Something different!

Loads of mums will find that there are a massive number of children’s entertainers to sift through before they find anyone that’s half decent. Or you may have already organised a number of children’s parties over the years, had lots of different children’s entertainers (some good, some bad) and by now you feel like you’ve seen the same routine over and over again. With so many childrens entertainers, offering the same thing, you may feel like there’s nothing else out there. Well there is. There are heaps of great alternatives to your average children magician or kids entertainer.

Activity party

The title sounds vague and different companies will do different things but an activity party should be fun and energetic. Things you can expect to have are: parachute games, bubble shows (blowing really big bubbles), bubble tower (where kids stand inside a bubble tower – yes it is as fun as it sounds – see photo below) party games, music and dancing balloon modelling and prizes for the kids. Check out our activity party run by us at Froggle Parties. We offer children’s entertainers in Surrey, London and all the home counties. We like to think we really know our stuff and have appeared on Children’s BBC a number of times. We do normal children’s entertainers parties and kids magicians but have a number of other different party choices too. Like dance parties where kids learn their very own dance routine. Drama parties where kids are put inside a story that’s themed to your choice e.g. jungle, fairies, superheroes, chocolate factory, etc… There’s a bubble party where kids get to blow massive bubbles and do cool experiments with bubbles. We do discos or film parties, where your child and their friends get to make your own film where you child is the star, plus balloon workshop parties. There’s heaps of choices to look at that are great alternatives to normal children’s entertainers.

Bubble Tower for Activity Parties

Science Parties

These are becoming more and more popular but they tend to be largely for older kids. The upside is it’s very different from most parties. The down side is that kids can sometimes find it a bit too ‘educational’ for a party environment. We found this site that seems to be very good for science parties. 

Bubbles shows with bubbleologists

Another idea using bubbles in parties. You can have serious fun with bubbles. Check this site out for kids bubble parties. The guy who runs this company featured on Blue Peter showing his impressive bubbles skills and he teaches kids how to do it in his children’s parties.

Theatre Parties – A show in your own living room

Another alternative to children’s entertainers is a children’s theatre show in your own home or in a hall. We’ve found these entertainers called David and Katie.  They are children’s entertainers in Surrey but they do cover London as well. They offer a double act comedy show for the kids to watch. I have seen this in action and it is very amusing.  The disadvantage is it does rely on kids sitting still for a long time. When I watched them they had no problem with keep the children’s attention though.

Cooking Parties

A great way for the kids to interact with each other and spend quality time with one another. Plus it’s creative and fun. Cooking parties are becoming more and more popular as parents look for alternatives to children’s entertainers. Pizza Express offer great kids parties at some of their venues too, where the children get to make pizza.
Parents needn’t be stuck with the same old childrens entertainers when there are loads of alternative parties to choose from. That said, kids do tend to like repetition and familiar activities so do make sure when you look for a change that it’s your kid that wants the change and not just you as the parent that wants it. It can go very wrong when you try to do something very different without asking the kids and then you realise they wanted a childrens entertainer all along – you can’t win!!!

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One ingredient Banana Ice cream!

It really is exactly as it sounds. Banana ice cream made form one ingredient! – Yup you guessed it – Bananas.

If you’re looking for a great party food idea for your kids birthday party then this is definitely a great one. It’s healthy and tasty! And very easy to make.

You will need some of these:


One of these:

And one of these:

Simply peel and then chop up the bananas into slices. Put into a bowl and freeze.

Once frozen, put the banana pieces into the processor until it has started to look like broken up polystyrene.

Then put all of the banana into a bowl and from there scoop out individual scoops with an ice cream scoop.

Then decorate to make it more fun and colourful. Kids will love this for their parties!

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Should I have a Clown for my Kid’s Birthday Party?

Kids clowns are a great idea for children’s birthday parties. They’re very popular with kids from ages 4-10. We do loads of them and usually you should expect a children’s clown to offer activities like magic, puppet shows, balloon modelling, juggling, bubbles and loads of general clown silliness to get the kids laughing. Plus prizes for all the kids. Check out this link to kids clowns for more info.

Generally we suggest that party clowns are suitable for children from the age of 4 and up. Any younger than this and you usually findthat they get scared.

We always say children’s clowns are best if your child has specifically asked for a clown at their party. If you’re not sure about having a kids clown because your children might get scared, then it’s possibly best to go for a children’s clown that doesn’t have the make up, red nose or funny hair. The entertainer could still do the same show  but just not have any facial stuff as this is what tends to make clowns scary for them.  Young kids still love the clown costume and fun activities that clowns do. Most children’s entertainment companies will be able to accommodate this for you.

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Should Parents stay or leave at your Kid’s Party?

children's party tips

Children's Birthday Parties

Loads of Mums ask us if they should have the parents stay at parties. Our general rule is if the party is for ages 3 and up then yes they should, as they are still young and kids do obviously need parents to stay with them. If you’re hiring a children’s entertainer it’s a good idea for parents to sit with their kids and watch the show with them too.

If children are 4 and up then we always recommend against parents staying at the party unless you have a separate room for them to socialise in.

Lots of parents like the idea of having the parents stay for food and doubling up their kid’s party, with a party for the grown ups. It’s great idea in theory but parents should be aware that it can come at the cost of  their children’s enjoyment. Why? Because of all the background noise levels created by parents.

We have been to loads of parties where parents stay. It can work fine if you have a separate room for the parents to chat in, but if it’s all done in the same room, then due to the background noise made by parents talking, it means more often than not, kids struggle to concentrate on the entertainment provided by your kid’s entertainer. Children often get distracted with other things going on around them and they may decide to run to Mum or Dad at random points during the show, which can then disrupt the other kids from the party too and create a snowball effect in kids losing concentration.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of spending money on the hall, the food, the entertainer then you want the kids to be able to enjoy it. The entertainer’s show is often the core of the children’s party but no matter how good a children’s entertainer is, parents staying can really can get in the way of the kids having fun at their party. If it’s a birthday party for the kids then we always suggest it should stay just that – a party for the kids and not for the grown ups.

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