Children’s Entertainers and Themed Parties in Surrey and London

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Parents find it so hard to find children’s entertainers in Surrey and London that offer something genuinely different.

Children’s themed parties are so popular with kids but they always seem to be the same pirate and princess parties or superheroes or fairies.  What if you’re looking something different like a dinosaur themed party or a wild west themed party. Finding children’s entertainers in Surrey and London to offer a dinosaur party is very difficult. There are loads of children’s entertainers in Surrey and London but the choice seems to be the same wherever you turn. There are tonnes of children’s entertainers in Surrey who seem to specialise in pirate parties alone. Is there really that much demand for just pirate children’s entertainers? Apparently so.

Admittedly, children like all the usual activities you’d expect in a children’s party, like magic, games, dancing, puppet shows, balloon modelling and general fun to keep them amused for 1 or 2 hours whilst parents sort out food in the kitchen.  But it’s nice to find a children’s entertainer that can add that little bit of magic to the party by offering something a bit different.  Here at Froggle Parties, we are children’s entertainers in Surrey and London and cover Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and Kent. We have over 40 different themes to choose from including really different ones like chocolate Factory, Toys, Unicorns and Hawaiian. Our children’s entertainers cram in loads of activities like magic, games, dancing, balloon modelling, prizes, rocket balloons, bubble and snow machines, puppet show – all in one party. Plus we offer to dress up as the character of the theme you want and have over 40 themes to choose from. Furthermore we have free themed invitations, thank you notes, certificates, posters and name stickers for every theme we offer – and they’re all free. Our themed parties mean your children’s entertainers will put the children inside the story and take them on a magical make believe adventure where they all win prizes at the end.

What is important is that out of all the children’s entertainers in Surrey, you find someone who can offer something different to what you’ve seen before, but that you know kids are going to like.

You only get to do this once a year for your little one and you want to make it fun and special for them.


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