What time of day should I have my children’s party?

There really isn’t any particular ideal time to have a kids party other than what you know will suit you and the other parents.

If its on a weekend the popular time slots are 11am – 1pm or 3-5 pm. But really any time works well. You should aim not to have your party start too early though so 10am is probably the earliest we’d suggest, and then aim not to finish any later than 5:30pm as parents want to be able to get their kids back home in time for tea before it gets too late. They may also have plans in the evening so do bear this in mind.

Weekday parties for kids are becoming more and more popular now too and it leaves you free to have the weekend to do what you want. So this might also be something to consider. It’s always a good idea to have the party about half an hour after school finishes so parents can get their kids there in good time but not have too much time to kill that they end up going home and then taking their kids to the party later.

An advantage of weekday parties is you can probably negotiate a better rate with children’s entertainers as there’s less demand. If you’re lookin gfor a children’s entertainer then take a look at this link for a rage of different children’s parties that are on offer.


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