Should I have a Clown for my Kid’s Birthday Party?

Kids clowns are a great idea for children’s birthday parties. They’re very popular with kids from ages 4-10. We do loads of them and usually you should expect a children’s clown to offer activities like magic, puppet shows, balloon modelling, juggling, bubbles and loads of general clown silliness to get the kids laughing. Plus prizes for all the kids. Check out this link to kids clowns for more info.

Generally we suggest that party clowns are suitable for children from the age of 4 and up. Any younger than this and you usually findthat they get scared.

We always say children’s clowns are best if your child has specifically asked for a clown at their party. If you’re not sure about having a kids clown because your children might get scared, then it’s possibly best to go for a children’s clown that doesn’t have the make up, red nose or funny hair. The entertainer could still do the same show  but just not have any facial stuff as this is what tends to make clowns scary for them.  Young kids still love the clown costume and fun activities that clowns do. Most children’s entertainment companies will be able to accommodate this for you.


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  1. You don’t have to wear makeup to be a clown!

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