Should Parents stay or leave at your Kid’s Party?

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Children's Birthday Parties

Loads of Mums ask us if they should have the parents stay at parties. Our general rule is if the party is for ages 3 and up then yes they should, as they are still young and kids do obviously need parents to stay with them. If you’re hiring a children’s entertainer it’s a good idea for parents to sit with their kids and watch the show with them too.

If children are 4 and up then we always recommend against parents staying at the party unless you have a separate room for them to socialise in.

Lots of parents like the idea of having the parents stay for food and doubling up their kid’s party, with a party for the grown ups. It’s great idea in theory but parents should be aware that it can come at the cost of  their children’s enjoyment. Why? Because of all the background noise levels created by parents.

We have been to loads of parties where parents stay. It can work fine if you have a separate room for the parents to chat in, but if it’s all done in the same room, then due to the background noise made by parents talking, it means more often than not, kids struggle to concentrate on the entertainment provided by your kid’s entertainer. Children often get distracted with other things going on around them and they may decide to run to Mum or Dad at random points during the show, which can then disrupt the other kids from the party too and create a snowball effect in kids losing concentration.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of spending money on the hall, the food, the entertainer then you want the kids to be able to enjoy it. The entertainer’s show is often the core of the children’s party but no matter how good a children’s entertainer is, parents staying can really can get in the way of the kids having fun at their party. If it’s a birthday party for the kids then we always suggest it should stay just that – a party for the kids and not for the grown ups.


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