Step by Step Guide to Organising a Children’s Themed Party

Step by Step Guide to Organising a Children’s Themed Party

Below is a step by step guide in how to organise your children’s themed party:

1) Decide on your theme  – chat with your child about the type of theme he/ she may like. Popular ones for boys are:

Pirates, knights, fire men, cowboys, space, jungle and super heroes.

Popular ones for girls are: Princesses, fairies, jungle, under the sea, witches or chocolate factory.

2) Decide on your date and check you can find a venue for it (that is if you’re not having it at home).

3) Send out the invitations. Once your date is confirmed and the venue is booked you want to get these out asap. See our link for some free party invitations you can download for free.

4) Book your children’s entertainer. Or if you’re not having an entertainer then decide on the activities you’re having to entertainthe kids.

5) Other optional things to think about:

a) You might want to get the kids to dress up according to your theme. If so then mention this in your invitations.

b) Decorations and party tableware – If you’re taking the trouble to theme your party then it’s a lot more fun to have themed decorations and party tableware. We’ve found a great site for decorations for your children’s themed party. It has a wide range of choice and is a very easy site to navigate.

c) Party Food- Another great opportunity to theme your party and show your creative side. There are loads of ideas for themed party. There are plenty of ideas on our blogs but you might like to search through the internet or some party food cook books to get inspiration.

5) Birthday cake! – last but not least. If you’re doing a children’s themed party then you simply have to theme the birthday cake. It’s an unwritten law. Try Annie Rigg’s ‘Birthday Cakes for Kids’. It  has tonnes of ideas like dragon cakes, owls, rabbits, teddy bears, hedgehog, cat, elephant, train, pirate ship,hot air balloon, fire engine, rocket, spell book, fairy cake, princess crown, and much more…

Then again if you want to cheat and save time to get someone else to do it you can always try this cake delivery service and have your dream cake delivered straight to your door.

6) Party Bags – after all the work youve already put in to preparing your children’s themed party you’d be forgiven for now worrying about party bags. There are sites that offer themed party bags. But you don’t have to theme everything and if you want to save money then you can really just get away with giving the kids some cake to take home instead. If you’re hiring a children’s entertainer then they should offer prizes and balloon models for the kids to take home so that should be plenty. Or if you want normal party bags you can easily get part bags and items to fil lthem with in all good high street party shops.

You can make your party as creative as you want depending on how much time you have. Just remember not to get stressed over making things too complicated. If it gets too complicated kids may not have as much fun than if it were just kept simple.


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