Tips for having a Pinata at kids parties

How to Run a successful Piñata

Being a professional children’s entertainmentcompany, we see piñatas a lot at kids birthday

parties.  Piñatas are loads of fun and growing more and more popular but if managed incorrectly it can all end in tears.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Before you get a piñata make sure you have plenty of space. Kids are going to be swinging around a strong stick to bash it with continuously so you need plenty of room to do this and for the other kids to stand well out of the way of the person swinging the stick as they wait for their turn.
  •  Secondly you need a good place to hang the piñata up without too much difficulty. If you’re hiring a hall for your kids party this can be tricky and you might need to consider whether there is anywhere suitable for this before getting a piñata. What you don’t want to end up doing is holding it yourself with a bit of string for the obvious reason being that the piñata might not be the only thing that ends up getting bashed.
  •  The contents of the piñata can be anything really but small items are best such as sweets or toys. You want to fill it up to allow for at least 1 item per child but we’d recommend 2-3 per child.
  • Be clear to the kids about the rules before they start. Get the kids in a line, tell them that they will take it in turns, one at a time, to bash the piñata using the stick. Tell them how many bashes they get per go. (we suggest 3 per turn). Then they go to the back of the line to have another go.
  • For safety reasons, make sure there is always a big gap between the child in the front of the line and the child who is currently bashing the piñata, so there is no chance of anyone behind them getting hit by the stick. Make sure you have another grown up in charge of this throughout the whole game.
  • Once the piñata is about to burst open, the sweets/ toys you have put in it will all fall out in a pile on the floor and it really can be chaotic if kids are just allowed to race in and grab them. We recommend therefore that just before the piñata bursts open, that the kids are told that a grown up will give out the contents to the kids afterwards and they shouldn’t race to grab the sweets themselves. This way everything can be given out fairly.

On average piñata can take anywhere between 15-20 mins for about 20-30 kids.

Here’s a great place to get piñatas from. Plus more useful tips on piñatas.

Have fun guys!

Treasure chest Pinata

Treasure chest Pinata


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